Gantz Jaunt #2

Here we go on another jaunt or a short excursion for pleasure.

*  Church Mag again referenced a P2P Horn Honking article with the line: “Frank Gantz – rocked a great blog post.”

*  I am excited as I look forward to spending a few days with my oldest child, Cameron, in northern Florida in a few days.  We will spend a few days on the beach in Jacksonville and then drive west on I-10 to Tallahassee on Saturday.  Why?  Cameron is treating his dad to 30 yard line tickets to watch our beloved Oklahoma Sooners play the Florida State Seminoles.  Looks like it will be two top 5 teams playing at Doak.  Watch for us on TV.

*  Our collectibles business hit a home run with an Abraham Lincoln item.  Read about it here.

*  I doubt that all of my Christian friends spoke the truth when they posted that they were behind a car with a certain bumper sticker.  More on this later.

*  Have had some great on-line chats with old friends recently.  Jeffrey Rudd and Marina Bruner have both given me great food for thought.  You’ll probably read more in future posts.

*  I really do try to pray for people when prayer requests are posted on places like Facebook and Twitter.  I sometimes wonder how many people are joing with me in these prayers.

*  The older I get the more I am aware of God proclaiming his being and power in creation.  I also am more convinced that The Scriptures give life.  These things make it sad when I hear from friends who either doubt or deny God’s existence and power.

*  9/11 – 10 years ago this weekend, things changed.  I hope that my Christian family and I think about this day properly.

*  I am loving the preaching that I have been sitting under at First Baptist Church, Boynton Beach.  I know it is good because it leads me to worship our great God.


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