God Is Good…All the Time

God is goodI love his statement of faith which is oft repeated in black churches in America. Typically the pastor or speaker will declare, “God is good.” The congregation responds with “All the time.” Then the congregation begins the “God is good” while the pastor rejoins “All the time.”

It is a solid theological affirmation of the goodness of God. The refrain stresses that the goodness of God is a constant attribute. It does not waver in times in which we experience difficulty.

This statement was not birthed in the prosperity doctrines of modern churches. It originated in and throughout a suffering church. The best I can tell, the saying began in the church in Nigeria. In American history, the black church has consisted primarily of those who have suffered individually as well as the churches that have suffered corporately.

Economic hardships. Bombings. Cross burnings. The list could go on.

Yet in the midst of these many hardships, the church has affirmed that God is good…all the time. Man may be evil. Society may be evil. Culture may be evil. But God is good. Do you find yourself praising God the most when you are doing well? If so, you are missing the point of this great truth. Though all around us evil may appear to be prevailing, we worship the God who is constantly good.

This goodness in God can be extended to understand that God demonstrates his goodness towards his people. Suffering magnifies that which is good in the eyes of the Father. If stripped of all that this world counts good, yet remains the very best – knowledge of God.