At First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, our pastor has been teaching a series on Sunday mornings called, “God-onomics.”
Dr. Jimmy Scroggins has provided this outline. The first point is the theme of the entire series.

  1. God is the Owner. We are the Managers.
  2. God wants us to be Generous with His resources.
    1. Out of control Debt is an obstacle.
    2. Out of control Discontentment is an obstacle.
  3. We must Plan to be Generous with God’s resources.
    1. Give
    2. Save
    3. Live on the rest.
  4. Generous Giving has Generous Results

Avoid two extremes: 1) Poverty Theology and 2) Prosperity Theology

    1. It’s not about your money, it’s about your heart.
    2. God gives financial grace to meet the needs of generous givers.
    3. God provides so that generous givers can give even more.
    4. Generous giving meets real needs.
    5. Generous giving encourages other believers to give.
    6. Generous giving points people to God’s grace.