godbaby cries 763

This is a poster which is being plastered around England in an attempt to communicate the real meaning of Christmas. Here is the reasoning behind the ad,

We’re retelling the story with an eye-catching, brown-eyed Godbaby doll in a blue babygrow, with the slogan, “He cries. He wees. He saves the world.”

The striking image of a fictional “Godbaby toy” aims to make the Christmas story appeal to the younger generation and puts Christ at the centre of conversations. The doll represents the baby Jesus and plays on the idea of Christmas being a time when everyone is searching for that “must-have” Christmas gift.

This obsession means we focus too much on the material nature of the festival and miss the point – that Jesus, the true Godbaby, was born human and must never be turned into a commodity.


I can agree with much of the logic, but I’m not sure this poster is the best way to communicate what is intended. Instead of providing depth of thought, it comes across as trite. Intended to incite conversations amongst the young, it might just produce snickers.