GPS: Making Wise Decisions

GPS: Making Wise Decisions

Today was the final teaching in the series, “GPS: Making Wise Decisions” by Dr. Jimmy Scroggins at PowerLunch at First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, FL.

This series has been extremely timely for me.  I am at a transition point in my life and desire to make wise decisions that will put me in the right situation, in the right place and at the right time.

Here is a summary of what Dr. Scroggins calls, The Road to Wise Decisions.  Throughout the series, he spelled out what he considers are 5 key markers that indicate the road one should be moving along.

  • Marker #1 – The Bible
    • Where the Bible is clear, we do not need to pray, get other advice, or think more about it – we simply need to choose whether to obey God or not.
  • Marker #2 – Prayer
    • As we pray, God helps us organize our desires, clarify our thoughts, and improve our decision-making.
  • Marker #3 – Wise Counsel
    • We should get advice from the best Christians we know before we make an important decision.  Wise counselors help us see things we can’t see for ourselves.
  • Marker #4 – Open Doors
    • We have to see what opportunities are actually available to us.  It does us no good to go on a wild goose chase when God has closed a door.
  • Marker #5 – Desires
    • Once we have walked through the other steps in the process of godly decision-making, we must take into account what we want to do.  God is also in charge of our desires.  As we walk with Him, He will begin to shape our desires so that they match His desires for us.

In conclusion, Dr. Scroggins provided a great illustration of using these markers to make a turn onto the correct road.  It was an illustration to which people along the South Florida coast could relate.  He spoke of a boat sailing along the coast at night heading to an inner port.  The entrance to thewaterways that lead from the ocean to a port have jetties on either side.  These jetties stretch from the land out into the ocean as a marker for the entrance.  As one steering the boat nears the waterway, the lights on the jetties come into view along the jetty.  As the boat arrives to the entrance, the lights on the jetty align so that they appear as one light.  At that point the one steering the boat turns the boat into the entrance to the waterway.  In a similar fashion, we are able to see the lights of these markers as we near decision time.  When the markers align pointing in the same direction, the time has arrived to steer our lives in that direction.

I am at a point in life where I have to decide where we will live, how to earn a living and how to be involved in ministry.  Timely and instructive are the words I would use to describe the value of this teaching series.  I trust that it will be of value to you as well.

Please leave a comment about any decisions with which you face.  I will join with you in praying that God would give you wisdom.