A Hallowed Season of Divine Communion

Charles Spurgeon's Prayer

image for hallowed season

O that a hallowed season of divine communion may be vouchsafed to me this evening!

The Lord knows that I need it very greatly. My graces languish, my corruptions rage, my faith is weak, my devotion is cold; all these are reasons why His healing hand should be laid upon me.

His hand can cool the heat of my burning brow, and stay the tumult of my palpitating heart. That glorious right hand which moulded the world can new-create my mind; the unwearied hand which bears the earth’s huge pillars up can sustain my spirit; the loving hand which encloses all the saints can cherish me; and the mighty hand which breaketh in pieces the enemy can subdue my sins.

Why should I not feel that hand touching me this evening? Come, my soul, address thy God with the potent plea, that Jesus’ hands were pierced for thy redemption, and thou shalt surely feel that same hand upon thee which once touched Daniel and set him upon his knees that he might see visions of God.

–Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening

I join with my brother from a previous era, Charles Spurgeon, in praying this evening prayer. I so need that hallowed season of divine communion. How about you? Notice how Spurgeon describes the need and the hand of God which can meet our need.

My Heart Needs a Hallowed Season

  1. My graces languish – are you slow to pray, slow to have your mind stayed upon Christ?
  2. My corruptions rage – does sin come easily? Is your flesh active in pursuing sin?
  3. My faith is weak – do you have difficulty finding the strength to believe and trust the word of our God?
  4. My devotion is cold – has the flame that once burned deep within you subsided and lacking in heat?

His Hand Provides a Hallowed Season

  1. It can cool the heat of my burning brow.
  2. It can stay the tumult of my palpitating heart.
  3. It can new-create my mind.
  4. It can sustain my spirit.
  5. It can cherish me in love.
  6. It can subdue my sins.

This touch of the master’s hand is what I need and crave this evening. Not for a moment, but for a season of sweet fellowship with the Lord.