Heart Attack #4

This kind of posting has turned into a 4-part series. In case you want the full history, here are the previous three entries.

This past Friday, I headed to the VA hospital in West Palm Beach for a scheduled stress test. My doctor had scheduled it as a result of some pain that I experienced while mowing the lawn

I made it through the six minutes on the treadmill. When I sat back on the bed, I felt my chest tightening. A few seconds later my throat began tightening. At that point I knew what was going on. Each of my three previous heart attacks all felt the same way.

The cardiologist and staff gave me some nitro pills and aspirin. Still connected to the wires from the heart monitoring device, I was having my fourth heart attack in just over 2 1/2 years. The third in the past year.

I was wheeled into the ER and awaited the arrival of an ambulance a short time later. The ambulance transported me to JFK hospital. JFK specializes in heart care. It is also the place where I had open heart surgery last January. By this time, they had me stabilized and without pain. The ambulance ride was a first for me. It seemed strange laying back watching the traffic out the back window.

Upon arrival at JFK, I was taken directly to the heart cauterization area and prepped. A bit later the doctor probed around my heart from a small entry point in my groin. It really is amazing what they can do.

Three stents later, I was taken to recovery. The doctor told Suzie that he had wanted to work on another area of blockage. However, the planned 20-30 minutes procedure had lasted 90 minutes. We’ll have to deal with that area some other time.

Through all of this, I surely been blessed by the Lord. The medical care that I am receiving is excellent. My wife, family and church have demonstrated great love to me. I’m sure that it has been harder on them than on me. I love them deeply.

My recovery was very quick this time. I was discharged the next morning. 48 hours after the attack, I was reading the Scriptures in our worship service. I do tire easily, but am grateful for the sustaining hand of the Lord.

Yet, I certainly have a new perspective on the fleeting nature of this life. Thanks be to God for his promise of a life in Christ that will never pass away.

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  1. Thank God you’re ok. When you hadn’t posted for awhile I thought you may have been ill. Prayers for your continued strength.

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