The Holy Endeavor of Driving?

dodgeAccording to the new Dodge commercial, brothers John and Horace Dodge left Ford in 1914 because they believed in more than the assembly line. What more, you ask?

They believed driving was a holy endeavor.

It might be said that since we are to do all for the glory of God that driving would be included in that. I’m not sure that is what Dodge has intended to communicate. It seems clear that they are saying that driving belongs in a special category as opposed to the mundane.

Most of us probably view driving as a means for getting from one place to another. Even the pleasure of simply going for a drive usually involves the scenery we behold rather than the actual task of driving. I understand that for some (especially motorcyclists) the drive is the appeal. But more seems at stake by Dodge’s assertion.

I’ll defer to my friend, Mike Cosper, for the closing thought. He sums it up well.

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