I Hear Voices

Do you hear voices inside your head?  I hope so.  I also hope they are the right voices.  I do hear voices inside my head.  Now before you think I am losing it, please hear me out.  Or listen to this Chris Young song.  He identifies the voices of his parents and grandparents that have shaped him and taught him.

These are the pieces of advice ringing in Chris Young’s ears:

  • Work that job, but don’t work your life away. – Dad
  • Quit that team, and you’ll be a quitter for the rest of your life. – Dad.
  • Drop some cash in the offering plate on Sunday. – Mom
  • Say a prayer every time you lay down at night. – Mom
  • You can have a few, but don’t ever cross that line. – Granddad
  • If you find the one, you better treat her right. – Grandma

I have the kind of parents who taught me, advised me, corrected me, etc.  Their voices still echo in my head.  I would have avoided much heartache had I not tuned out their voices at times.  I have gained much by what I did heed.

As a father, I hope my kids hear my voice.  Once my oldest son told me that when he was standing at shortstop on a college baseball field, he would think about the things I had taught him about baseball.  I know they remember other things because they playfully mimic some of my words.

When my wife and I go in separate directions, she says to me – I love you.  Be a good boy.  This is her playfulness, but I do hear that admonition throughout the day.  So I try to be good.

Even the Bible speaks of those who have journeyed before us with words like this:

Though he died, he still speaks.
(Hebrews 11:4 ESV)

In future articles, we will listen to what these people still say to us.  Hopefully, we will especially hear their voices.

What have your parents and grandparents said to you that you can still hear in your head?  Tell us in the comments so that we will all benefit from their wisdom.

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4 thoughts on “I Hear Voices

  1. I think that the song “Voices” is a great song, as well. It’s message resonates with my upbringing. You are so right when you stated that we would all do better to remember those voices from our past.

    The Apostle Paul stated something similar to the Corinthian believers, when he said, “Now these things became examples for us, so that we will not desire evil things as they did.” (1Cor 10:6) While the Corinthians never “heard” the “voices” of the Israelites in the Wilderness, Paul was stating that these things served as a warning to them not to repeat the same mistakes. Similarly our parents, grandparents, teachers, and others have usually given us good advice based upon prior experiences that we would do well to heed. Unfortunately, though, most of the time we tend to learn only from making the very mistakes we were warned about.

    Two other songs that I think you would really like are “Family Man” by Craig Campbell and “You Take Yourself With You” by Bo Bice. Check out the videos for these songs on YouTube if you have not heard them yet. Very good messages in both songs.

    One other thing: I will be praying for your daughter and your family during this difficult time. God bless and keep posting. I check you blog at least once per day looking for new posts, even though I receive them in my email 🙂

    • Joe, I will check out those other songs. I appreciate your input on this topic – well worth hearing. You have been around P2P for awhile, and I am grateful.

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