Ilkin Deniz – Sunfest 2008

The above picture is the official artwork for Sunfest 2008. We were able to land a large autographed print from the artist. The festival hosted a juried art festival with a number of great art booths. Going through these booths may have been the most enjoyable part of Sunfest for Suzie and me. Deniz had his own booth. Here Suzie and I enjoyed several other acrylic on canvas works. The Sunfest website includes the following information about the artist chosen for the official work.

Ilkin Deniz started his journey as an artist before he went to elementary school in Turkey. Ilkin studied in the graphic department of a fine Turkish Art school and held exhibitions of his paintings from his early years. Ilkin stayed in Istanbul until he was 30 and now resides in Palm Beach, Florida. Ilkin is famous for his boat paintings, which convey to America the elusive charm of the Mediterranean and the endless horizon of the blue sky meeting the blue sea.

Check out the artist’s own website for other examples of his work including some jazz music.