Inside the Mind of Frank

Inside the Mind

Today I am beginning a regular feature called, “Inside the Mind of Frank.”  Now I know that this may sound scary, but I want to record some of the things that I am thinking about without taking a full post for each thought.

Do you remember memory experts talking about the mind being like a file cabinet?  In my mental file cabinet, I have many files that are neatly organized with useful information.  I have others that are cluttered and need to be structured so that I can get at the information when necessary.  Lastly, I have some files of useless, worthless or unwise information.  These I need to find a delete button to rid my mind of them.

So here are today’s files:

1.  Bible Reading

My Bible reading this morning included Psalm 29.  The Psalm begins with the instruction to “ascribe to the LORD glory and strength.”  It ends with the prayer that LORD would give his people strength and peace.  I need what God has and who he is.

2.  Sojourn: St. Matthews

I attended the launch service of the new Sojourn Community Church in St. Matthews (Louisville) on Sunday.  I am glad to be back at Sojourn after my 3 year Florida hiatus.  Daniel Montgomery preached about Nehemiah’s rebuilding project in Jerusalem.  The take away points are these:

1B.  Like Nehemiah, if we want God to work in our broken lives we must recognize our unworthiness and sinfulness, our human weakness and failings before an awesome God.

2B.  Like Nehemiah, we must remind God of is promises to us and be bold and specific in our prayers.

3B.  Like Nehemiah, we must have courage and we can’t let fear rule over our actions or decisions.  We must overcome fear by following hard after God in obedience and crying out to God in prayer.

4B.  Like Nehemiah, we must seek restoration with prayer-filled deliberation and faith-filled action.

You can check out Chuck Heeke’s photos of the service by clicking here.

3.  Christian Friends

On Sunday I was able to spend a few moments with Christian friends from the past – Daniel & Mandy Montgomery, Brian & Denise Vickers, Mike Cosper and Chuck Heeke.

4.  iPhone

Last week I bought an iPhone.  I love it.  Not only is it a phone and camera, but I am using it to help me do the following things that will enrich my life:

1B.  Bible Memorization – I have a button on my screen that takes me to the passage that I am working on adding to my memory.

2B.  Reading – I have Martin Luther‘s Table Talk loaded so that I can read a small section in those isolated moments.

3B.  Sermons – I have listened to sermons by John Piper, Mark Driscoll and Matt Chandler from the iPod component.

4B.  Language – I am learning one new German word each day.

5B.  Communication – I am keeping in contact via phone, email, Facebook and Twitter much quicker than before.

5.  Work

I had my personal best week of sales at Furniture Row this week.

6.  Photo of the Day

Street Rods Visited Louisville

Street Rods Visited Louisville

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