Jake’s Story as a Prodigal Pilgrim

Listen as Jake O’Connor tells his story before singing the song My Story by Big Daddy Weave. Near the end of his story (at about the 2:49 mark), Jake gives a shout out to the Prodigal Pilgrim theme of this blog.

Thanks, Jake for the plug and for being a reader here. Some time we will have to sing a duet. Ha!

Listen during the first few minutes for how the Lord used a church’s bus ministry and flannel graphs to introduce him to the gospel. Also note a unique feature of his conversion story – how the Lord used a horror flick on a ten years old boy to get his attention.

Here is a transcript of Jake’s story that deals with his life after conversion.

Since then (that was around thirty years ago), there have been some peaks and valleys. And there have been times you might call me a Prodigal Pilgrim, to borrow Frank’s term. Things weren’t going too well. But then there are times like right this moment when Christ is my Lord and my treasure.

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