Jaunt #3

It’s been awhile since the first two jaunts.  This format allows me to do some quick hits with my thoughts.  Here we go.

*  Of the many ways a man can act when publicly accused of adultery, I find the actions of Herman Cain a bit puzzling.  On Saturday Cain suspended his presidential bid after meeting with his wife.  Cain said that things are fine between the two of them.  But does it seem strange to anybody else that it took Cain almost a week to talk face to face with his wife after the adultery allegations went public?

*  It is that time of year again.  The season when some sensitive Christians begin to be offended when somebody says, “Happy Holidays.”  You might want to check out my article from last Christmas to read why I am not really worried when somebody says holiday instead of Christmas.

*  P2P is now an affiliate of Ligonier Ministries.  If you are thinking about buying any books or materials from this ministry, please consider going through one of the links on this blog.  R.C. Sproul is the primary author and speaker on most of the materials.  I have recommended their stuff long before becoming an affiliate.

*  Joel Osteen is getting a reality TV show.  I’m not crazy about either Osteen or reality shows, so I’ll probably skip this one.  At least this idea is probably better than Ted Haggard’s decision to be on the Wife Swap reality show.

*  If employees really are “human resources” in the business world, why does it seem that companies more and more treat these human resources with less dignity than they do physical resources?

*  How can spokespersons for the 99% claim that bad apples in occupied parks are not part of the group?  Either they are a part or 99% is a fallacious number.

*  I had hoped that family oriented folks would have avoided the Thanksgiving Day shopping sprees.  The encroachment on this holiday will continue until more and more family members are forced to miss great family time because they are working or sleeping.  I am more grateful for companies like Chick-fil-a because they realize that there is more to business than a few more bucks.