Jaunt #4

2012 is off to a great start.  I have just about lost all of the weight I put on from the holidays.  Outside of that most of what has been great has been internal.  My joy in the Lord has definitely been on the upswing.  I find myself delighting in the amazing person and things of our great God.  This has led to my mind swirling with new ideas as I reflect on the eternal truths that are being awakened in my soul.

*  Last night I took a break from my eBay work and watched a live stream of Matt Chandler preaching at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC.  I found myself swelling with emotion.  God is really using Matt to clearly communicate some amazing truth.  I could hardly keep us as my mind was racing about these great things.  In summary, Chandler made it clear that while God and the Bible may be for us, the primary focus is on the glory of God’s name.

*  The American Christian world has been abuzz lately with personalities and activities.  This buzz has created a demarcation of those who are for, those who are against and those who thoughtfully critique (critique is not a bad word – it means to thoughtfully evaluate).

*  Tim Tebow has created the strongest buzz.  I have witnessed up close the passion he instills for his football team.  I might not do all that he does, but that probably says more about me than about him.  I would hope that some day folks would want to advise me to “tone it down.”

*  Ed Young Jr. has created a different sort of buzz when he and his wife spent 24 hours in a bed on top of his church building.  I am a little squeamish about this approach to getting the word out about marital sex.  Perhaps “toning it down” might apply here.

*  An online video by Jefferson Bethke about Jesus vs. religion has exploded.  I think that the Bethke emphasis is worth taking to heart even if some of the nuances might not hold water.  If you watch the video, you should probably think “bad, legalistic religion” when he uses the term religion.  Keep in mind that the Bible tells us about “true religion.”  Bethke is an artist and his art has us talking about truth.  That’s a good thing.

*  I am attempting to post on both of my blogs every day.  Hopefully this will provide value to you and other readers.  I know it has proven to be valuable to me.  I am keeping track of the number of days in the footer of the blogs.

*  Our business has started the new year with a bit of a slump.  Holiday spending is over.  Keep us in your prayers.