10 John Calvin Quotes on Psalm 44

Look to God Alone When Misery Comes

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John Calvin, the Genevan Reformer is a great source when we consider the questions posed in Psalm 44. How do we wed the awful miseries of our lives with the greatness of our God?

John Calvin applies his rich theology to this text. Here are ten statements from his commentary for our instruction and comfort.


  1. The more we think of the benefits which God has bestowed upon others, the greater is the grief which we experience when he does not relieve us in our adversities.
  2. It is no great wonder if the faithful, even in prayer, have in their hearts divers and conflicting affections.
  3. The Holy Spirit, who dwells in them, pacifies all their complaints and leads them patiently and cordially to obey.
  4. When the faithful represent God as the author of their calamities, it is not in the way of murmuring against him, but that they may with greater confidence seek relief, as it were, from the same hand which smote and wounded them.
  5. It is certainly impossible that those who impute their miseries to fortune can sincerely have recourse to God.
  6. If we would expect a remedy from God for our miseries, we must believe that they befall us not by fortune or mere chance, but that they are inflicted upon us properly by his hand.
  7. Contented with God alone, they did not suffer their hopes to be divided on different objects, nor gazed around them in search of other means of assistance.
  8. We are guilty of depriving him of the chief part of his glory, when we seek apart from him in the least degree our own welfare.
  9. It is a true test of our piety, when, being plunged into the lowest depths of disasters, we lift up our eyes, our hopes, and our prayers, to God alone.
  10. A state of continual warfare in bearing the cross is enjoined upon us by divine appointment.