Laying R.I.P. to Rest
October 25, 2016

Nick Batzig makes a strong case for understanding death from a biblical or Christian perspective. Too many believers use R.I.P. when someone famous dies without regard for what it means to rest in peace. In a similar fashion, far too many employ the letters OMG in casual conversation. It should never be a casual thing to toss out a reference to God. Look at how Batzig states the issue.

I’ve noticed something of a concerning trend over the past several years. It is the way in which believers speak about culture-impacting individuals at their deaths. Instead of simply expressing appreciation for their life and achievements, it has become commonplace for Christians to use the shorthand R.I.P. (“rest in peace”) on social media when speaking of individuals–in whose lives there was no evidence of saving grace–at their death. At the risk of sounding ill-tempered, I wish to set out several reasons why I am troubled by this occurrence.

The author provides three compelling reasons fro his concern and offers wise counsel on how Christians should think and speak of the death of others. Click over and read the article.