Meeting George Strait

straitToday is the day for the final George Strait concert. He will be performing at the home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas at the age of 62. It should be some farewell as The Cowboy Rides Away.

Strait has 44 #1 songs on his resume and has sold more gold and platinum albums than anybody except for Elvis and The Beatles. While I am working, I have my Pandora set to the George Strait channel.

I remember the first time that I met George Strait. He and his wife were in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby and was staying at the hotel where I worked. It was part of my job to make sure the celebrity guests were treated well. You often learn about the person behind the persona when you are around celebrities in a hotel setting. I can still recall some of the big name folks who were less stellar in private.

That was not true of Strait. He was a man of class. He treated people with respect whether they were fellow celebrities or service members of the staff. He said please and thank you.

In the wee hours of the night after the Derby, I tried in vain to find George a delivered pizza. Even though most places stay open late on that day, he didn’t get hungry for his pizza until all of the pizza shops had closed. I can’t remember what we put together for him from our room service kitchen, but I tried hard to find him that pizza.

Still he was gracious and thankful. The cowboy has class.