Meeting George Sweeting


On Sunday morning at FirstBoynton, I had the opportunity to chat with a guest before our time of corporate worship. Pictured above is George Sweeting on my right. What a privilege it was to spend a few moments chatting with this wonderful Christian leader.

Sweeting has served the Lord as a pastor, an evangelist and an educator. He is a unique representative of the ministries named after D.L. Moody. Sweeting is the only man who is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, a former pastor of The Moody Church, and a former president and chancellor of Moody Bible Institute.

He served as pastor from 1966-1971 of the church before moving over to the Institute for 16 years in leadership there. For 9 years, he travelled around the world as an evangelist.

You can check out George Sweeting on Amazon for his books which are available.

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