Milk & Honey

milkWhen Moses met with the LORD on the mountain at Horeb, God called out Moses to be the leader of his people out of the slavery in Egypt. As part of the promise, God told Moses that He would give the people a land. Here is the that promise.

I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land to a good and broad land, a land flowing with milk and honey.

–Exodus 3:8, ESV (emphasis added)

In 1981 I spent part of the summer in Jerusalem studying a course on the geography of the Holy Land. The school rested just outside of the wall of the city. I spent my nights in a dorm room on the campus.

Each morning I would eat breakfast in the school’s cafeteria. The food service staff was primarily composed of men and women of Arabic descent.

Some mornings I would eat a bowl of cereal. That took a little getting used to. The cereal itself was fine, but the liquid to pour over the cereal was not what I was accustomed to pouring.

For all of my life prior to this summer, I would pour some cold milk over the cereal in my bowl. But during this time and in this place, there was no milk to be had. We all resorted to pouring water over our cereal. Let me assure you that this does not create a better tasting bowl of flakes.

Some mornings, I had the option for pancakes instead of the water logged cereal. Before you think that would be a no brainer decision, let me tell you about the syrup that was available. The consistency of the syrup was much more H2O like than molasses like.

As a current diabetic, I now use a sugar free syrup for my pancakes or waffles. This kind of syrup will never win any taste tests up against a true Vermont maple syrup. But let me assure you, that today’s sugar free syrup was far beyond the watery version I ate in Jerusalem.

One morning as this concoction was being poured out onto my pancakes, one of the Arabic men serving the food acknowledged the poor quality of the syrup. He then said, Do you know what is really good on pancakes? I was thinking, Yeah, some real maple syrup.

Before I could say anything, he answered his own question, Honey. That’s what is good on pancakes. But we hardly ever get any honey.

How interesting. In a land that had once been promised as a land flowing with milk and honey, I was eating my breakfast with water (instead of milk) and with a watery syrup (instead of honey).

When I returned back home (which was in Germany at the time), I quickly enjoyed a bowl of cereal with milk and some pancakes with maple syrup.

My question for you is this, do you take for granted the blessings that God gives to you for a season? Enjoy these blessings because we might lose them down the road.

Now I am not speaking of the eternal blessings that God gives to us. We should not take those for granted either. But there are blessings that God gives for a season. Enjoy them in that season.