A Mothers Day Prayer

Father in heaven,

Thank you for my own mother:

  • In her womb she nurtured me and labored to give birth to me.
  • In our home she taught me your ways with words and by example.
  • Out of the nest she has provided encouragement and wise counsel.
  • From infancy through adulthood, she has prayed for me.

Grant that I will honor my mother with all that I say and do.

Grant that I will bring her joy by walking in the truth.

Remember the women who are grieving on this day:

  • Those who have been unable to have children.
  • Those who have stood by the graves of their children.
  • Those who are wounded with sorrow by the folly of their children.

Turn the hearts of the women who need grace for sinning against their children:

  • Those who have turned the protection of the womb into a killing field.
  • Those who have abandoned children in need of a mother’s love.
  • Those who have neglected to nurture their children so that they might grow in wisdom and stature.
  • Those who have abused the ones who have been entrusted to their care.
  • Those who have drained the joy out of their adult children.

Restore the respect for mothers in our culture.

And again, thank you for my mother.