Moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee

In a few weeks, Suzie and I will be leaving Louisville, KY and moving to Chattanooga, TN.  I will be the assistant manager of Oak Express/Bedroom Expressions for Furniture Row.  We will be leaving behind 3 of my children and my grandkids.  We have twice lived in Louisville and enjoy the city.

We are excited about living in Chattanooga.  Chattanooga promotes itself with the tagline: A Great City By Nature.  Disney Travel calls it one of the top 50 family vacation destinations.  The nature part is due to its geographical setting.  Rivers, lakes, caves, mountains and trees provide a natural setting that attracts visitors.

Keep us in your prayers as we prepare to move.  I will be in Chattanooga for the 2 weeks after Christmas.  I will then spend a week in Denver before moving in mid-January.  I have moved so many times in life, but I never look forward to packing boxes and loading furniture.  If anybody knows of a good church in the city, I would love to hear about it.

Once we get settled, we welcome friends and family to come see us.  Chattanooga will probably not be a long-term home for us.  The plan is to stay for a year or two before getting a new assignment.  So make your plans early.

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  • Hank Humphrey

    You will love this town. Lots of character here. On Twitter as JaxState Fan let me know if you have questions. God Bless!
    We would love to have to you visit Woodland Park on Standifer Gap.

    • Thanks, Hank. I look forward to Chattanooga and visiting Woodland Park.

  • Frank
    Sorry to see you guys go. Regret not connecting. Trust it will be a good move for you. Hope you keep the blog up, I enjoy it. You should check out New City Fellowship, Randy Nabors. Good man, good gospel church (
    be blessed,

    • Thanks, Todd. I appreciate the church info. Hey, I did get to hear you preach at Sojourn during the summer.