Mutiny on the Bounty Bible

223 years ago today (April 28, 1789) was the date that some of crew aboard the ship called Bounty committed mutiny against the ship’s captain William Bligh. Books and movies have made this ship’s name recognizable to most.

18 men joined the mutinous group and set sail. Eventually most of the mutineers would settle in Tahiti. A handful of the men continued on to the ship’s final destination of Pitcairn Island.

What is not commonly known is that the last surviving mutineer on Pitcairn Island became a Christian. John Adams (aka Alexander Smith) discovered a Bible on the Bounty. While reading the Bible, Adams was driven to repentance. He began leading Sunday services and teaching the others.

By the time this island was reached by the American ship Topaz in 1808, Adams was the only remaining male along with nine Tahitian women and some children. This small band of people were thoroughly Christian and Adams was granted amnesty for his crimes.

The capital of the island is known as Adamstown after John Adams.