My Heart Condition

heartMuch of my story in recent years has centered on my heart. When I write that, I mean that both the physical organ within my chest and the spiritual seat of my being.

Physically I have arrived back home after stays in two different hospitals since Friday. I am resting and feel relatively well. During the past 3+ years I have experienced four heart attacks, have failed three stress tests, have endured six heart catheterizations, took three ambulance rides, have had four arteries by passed and have received seven stents.

Since Friday I failed a stress test, had two heart catheterizations and received one of the stents. One might think that this heart would be in like new condition. However, I still have a major artery that is 100% blocked. Because of it’s location and hardness, fixing it would be a major ordeal that the doctors do not want to tackle yet. For now I will have to live with the limitations that come with that. Oh, and the arteries in my lower left leg are beginning to harden.

Although I can’t do the things I once did, I will spend this Thanksgiving day grateful for what the Lord has done in my life. To understand that, it must be understood that I have another heart. Whereas the physical heart grows old and will one day fail to beat, I have a heart that God has placed in me that will never stop pulsing.

According to the teaching of the Bible and from my own experience, I had a spiritual heart that caused me much grief. It was wicked and made me an enemy to God and his good things.

For no other reason than to demonstrate the glory of God, I was given a new heart by the Lord. This heart grows stronger as I worship the God who gave it to me. This new heart allows me to rightly adore him. It also allows me to have deep love and affection for that which he has placed in my life, especially my wife, family and church.

So I have a physical heart that is weak and needs constant care, but I have a spiritual heart that grows stronger while also needing similar care. I am thankful for both, but especially for the latter.

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