My King Has Died for Me

This morning during worship with our church family, we sang the Chris Tomlin song You Are My King. I was struck by the truth in the lyrics,

Amazing love, how can it be

That you, my king, would die for me?

In cultures throughout history, we find subjects who give their lives for their king. Even in our nation without a king, we have Secret Service personnel who will throw their bodies into the path of a bullet aimed at the president. We honor their service. Should the news of the day report that one of these agents gave his life for the president, we would honor him. When our soldiers are killed on the battlefield defending our nation and our way of life, we honor their sacrifice.

But how much more worthy of praise is the King of Kings who has given his life for his subjects. And these subjects have been treasonous citizens. Yet he has made a way for those who were enemies of God to be sons of God. How amazing is that?