No Fish in the Aquarium

As I sat contemplating a topic for writing this morning, my RSS feed showed a new post from John Saddington at  John suggested finding something interesting in my current environment and writing a narrative about it.

Quickly I spotted my item – our aquarium or fish tank.  Our EMPTY aquarium.  Not really empty – it is filled with properly filtered water.  It has colorful turquoise rocks on the bottom of the tank.  The top of the water ripples from the plugged in filtering system. It is actually quite full.  Just no fish.  This tank sits in a prominent place in our apartment even though it is lacking the primary ingredient.

I have an aquarium because it relates to one of my favorite activities – snorkeling.  When I see fish in an aquarium, I am reminded of seeing beautiful creatures along the bottom of the ocean.  God’s handiwork is amazing.  I have taught my wife to snorkel, and some of our best memories are of snorkeling together off of the coasts of Florida and Hawaii.

So why no fish in my tank?  We relocated back to Florida five months ago.  Purchasing new fish is simply something that I have not gotten around to doing.  I think about it often.  We talk about the kind of fish we want to get.  We wonder how our new cat will respond to pet fish.  But we still have no fish.

Do you have an empty fish tank?  Probably not.  But perhaps the same story could be told about something you intend to do.  Do you have your Bible sitting on a shelf with every intention of reading it this year.  Do you pass it by and make a mental note to pick it up later in the day, but never make it back to the shelf?

Perhaps you have thought about calling that hurting neighbor or family member to offer your support.  Although you have your phone with you all day in your pocket or purse, that number never gets dialed.

Tomorrow I have a short day at work.  After work, I’m going to get some fish.  What about you?  Do you have any fish to get?

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9 thoughts on “No Fish in the Aquarium

  1. Frank, I do have fish to get… why is it some of the most wonderful and fun things to do, we put off? I think for me it’s because I want to have time to savor the experience. Other times, I would rather procrastinate house cleaning and write that letter to my friend I haven’t seen in almost a year (we moved to a different state). One thing that I have noticed is the problem with not paying close attention when my daughters call. At some point in the conversation my eyes drift to my inbox or what ever paper, book, column I’m working on at the time instead of focusing on my daughter. I’ve decided not to waste precious minutes anymore. Once one is gone, you can never retrieve it (James Merritt reminded me of that last Sunday ;>)

  2. I have a widow next door who 2 of her 3 daughters were diagnosed with breast cancer within a months time. One called me prior to her surgery to ask advice and talk, she hasn’t made contact since and I keep meaning to call her,I got her number from her mom… That’s it (I bought one stinking fish) I guess I reason it out, maybe she needs some space,she’ll call when she is ready….blah blah I’m gonna call her tonite

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