Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Today is the 6th anniversary of my marriage to Suzie.  I am very grateful for a wonderful life with my amazing wife.  It seems that these are the traditional markers for the 6th anniversary:

  • Flower – Calla Lily
  • Gemstone – Amethyst
  • Gifts – Candy and Iron

So, I guess I’ll be giving Suzie a box of chocolates and an iron.  Sound good?  On second thought, I don’t want an iron upside my head on this special day.

In these six years, we have lived in six cities.  This is one tradition that we are not going to keep up with as the years roll on.

  1. Louisville
  2. Daytona Beach
  3. West Palm Beach
  4. Louisville
  5. Chattanooga
  6. West Palm Beach

We have had some great adventures together.  From our Hawaiian trip to the Smokey Mountains to the Florida Keys to Disney World to various Florida beaches, we have journeyed to some fantastic destinations.  Yet, we find just as much joy in spending a day with each other at home.  On the road or at home, we like being with each other.  God’s design for marriage is that two become one in marriage.  We are two vastly different people, but have a union of spirit, heart, mind and body.

Happy anniversary, babe.  I genuinely love you.