Our Home is like a Little Church

This past Sunday was Fathers’ Day.  Suzie and I travelled to Louisville, Kentucky to be with 3 of my kids and my 3 grandkids.  We had the opportunity of attending Sojourn Community Church East while we were in Louisville.  During the service, all fathers were recognized and given a copy of the book, Our Home is like a Little Church: Sojourn Community Church.  This is a short book written by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Giles and illustrated by Tessa Janes.  All are members of Sojourn.

The book is intended to be read by parents and children together so that they might discover God’s plan for worshipping him at home.  It is written in a poetic style with full illustration on each page.  On the left side pages, worship at church is described.  On the right side pages, worship at home is compared to the worship at church.

The basis for the book is from Deuteronomy’s instructions about teaching our children the ways of God.  It also takes a quote from Martin Luther as part of the foundation of the book’s teaching.

Abraham had in his tent a house of God and a church.  Just as today any godly and pious head of a household instructs his children…in godliness.  Therefore such a house is actually a school and church and the head of the household is a bishop and priest in his house.

–Martin Luther

Some may object to linking the church and home in this fashion, but I think it is a helpful application of the biblical teaching on the family.  The family does not supplant the church, nor should the church take the place of the home.  Each has a vital role with both similarities and distinctions.  When it comes to worship, teaching and training, both the church and the home are tools which God uses.

Others may object to the leadership role assigned to dads.  Women do play a significant role in the physical and spiritual nurture and shaping of children.  I pray that my daughter, Leah and my daughter-in-law, Amanda will continue to fulfill this role in shaping my three grandchildren.  But I do pray that they will find their husbands providing spiritual leadership for the household.  So I do pray for my son-in-law, Michael and my son, Carlton that they will be the kind of men who see their key function in life to lead their families to worship and know God.

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