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When you read the acronym, IHOP, what do you think about?  Pancakes or prayer?  According to an article on, the pancake house has filed a lawsuit against a church for name infringement.

*Pancake house takes on prayer group –

1.  The funny part of this story is a line in the wording of the lawsuit.

IHOP-KC intended to misappropriate the fame and notoriety of the household name IHOP to help promote and make recognizable their religious organization.

The pancake lawyers assert that the household name IHOP conveys fame and notoriety.  The word “notoriety” is the noun form of the same base word notorious.  Notorious is defined as “generally known and talked of; especially : widely and unfavorably known.”  Did their lawyers intend to convey that the pancake folks are “unfavorably known?”

2.  The praying IHOP has been in existence since 1999.  Why now are the pancake IHOP filing suit?

3.  The website for the prayer group is  That’s probably not good news for the defending lawyers.

4.  On their website, the prayers have a section titled “Acronyms.”  On that page they list the acronyms IHOP-KC (for the Kansas City based operation) and IHOPU for their training institute.  Again, probably not good news with regard to the lawsuit.

5.  The praying IHOP does have some strong endorsements from some who have been influential in Christianity.

6.  I would suggest finding an appropriate synonym for international.  People do tend to think of pancakes when they see IHOP.  What they think of them may be up for debate.  To some, IHOP may be notorious.

7.  In the spirit of pop cultural acronyms and names, let me offer 10 ministry names to avoid:

Koinonia Fellowship Church – KFC

Community of Kingdom Expansion – COKE

People Empowering People Since the Incarnation – PEPSI

Youth Against Halloween’s Occult Observances – YAHOO

Brotherhood People – BP

Ladies and Girls Against Godless Anarchy – Ladies GAGA

Very Holy One – VH1

Every Saint Perfecting Now – ESPN

Fellowship Of Reformed Dutch – FORD

Independent People Helping Overcome Numerous Entities – IPHONE

Are there any you would add?

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