A Parent’s Prayer

No matter the age of the parent or the child, one of the greatest ministries is to intercede to God on behalf of your child. When the child is young, the parent has a daily, perhaps hourly, opportunity to teach the child about the things of the Lord. As kids become adults and pursue their own lives, the teaching times are less frequent.

However, a parent can always pray for their children regardless of physical separation. In Isaiah the Lord promised Israel that as a part of his restoring of the nation that he would do a work in the lives of the children of his people. This promise to Israel is my prayer this morning for my children.

I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring;

  and my blessing on your descendants.

–Isaiah 44:3

Oh, that the Lord would pour his Spirit upon my children and grandchildren. That is, may the Lord himself show up in the the lives of these who are my offspring. A pouring of the Spirit can be understood to be an anointing. In the nation of Israel, those who were to serve as kings, prophets or priests would have oil poured out on them. This was a physical sign of the outpouring of the Spirit on those servants.

Jesus as the Messiah or Christ was The Anointed One. As evidenced at his baptism, the Spirit was poured out upon him as he would serve in all three anointed roles of king, prophet and priest.

Lord, anoint my offspring with your Spirit that they may be genuine followers of the Christ and serve you.

The verse in Isaiah also speaks of God’s blessing on our descendants. Blessing is the opposite of cursing. It is the favor of God placed upon them so that they are indwelled with a rich joy in the Lord. Not just happiness, but joy. Joy that swells up in faith even in the midst of trials. It is not simply a prayer for an easy life. It is a prayer for experiencing the deepest of satisfaction in the Lord.

Lord, in this manner, bless my descendants.

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