The Passion of the Church

What a joy it is to robustly sing worship songs that are pleasing to the ear and yet rich in biblical truth. Here is a line from the song from Chris Tomlin, All To Us,

Let the glory of your name

Be the passion of the church.

Rich lyrics indeed. Far too often the church has trouble identifying what should be it’s primary passion. Tomlin and his co-writers nail it on the head when they declare and pray that it would be the glory of God’s name.

As important as are other aspects of church life (or an individual’s life), these other facets should never supplant the desire for God’s name to be glorified. It is not evangelism. It is not education. It is not service. It is His name.

It is for the glory of his name, that God does what he does. He saves people for his glory. He punishes the wicked for his glory. He fulfills his promises for his glory. Surely we often reap the benefit of God’s actions, but always understand that the motivation for his acts is that his name be glorified.

If it is the primary motivation for God, then it should very well be the passion of his church.