St. Patrick’s Day: More Than Green Beer

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. The day when many wish they were Irish. I cannot prove it, but it seems that I have Scot-Irish ancestry on my mother’s side of the family tree.

Many articles have been posted online about Patrick.  I simply want to provide a couple of stanzas of what is referred to as Patrick’s Morning Prayer.

I Arise Today

  • Through God’s strength to pilot me,
  • God’s might to uphold me,
  • God’s wisdom to guide me,
  • God’s eye to look before me,
  • God’s ear to hear me,
  • God’s word to speak for me,
  • God’s hand to guard me,
  • God’s way to lie before me,
  • God’s shield to protect me,
  • God’s host to save me
    • From snares of devils,
    • From temptations of vices,
    • From everyone who shall wish me ill,
    • Afar and anear,
    • Alone and in multitude.

I Arise Today

  • Christ with me,
  • Christ before me,
  • Christ behind me,
  • Christ in me,
  • Christ beneath me,
  • Christ above me,
  • Christ on my right,
  • Christ on my left,
  • Christ when I lie down,
  • Christ when I sit down,
  • Christ when I arise,
  • Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
  • Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
  • Christ in every eye that sees me,
  • Christ in every ear that hears me.