My Heart Condition

heartMuch of my story in recent years has centered on my heart. When I write that, I mean that both the physical organ within my chest and the spiritual seat of my being.

Physically I have arrived back home after stays in two different hospitals since Friday. I am resting and feel relatively well. During the past 3+ years I have experienced four heart attacks, have failed three stress tests, have endured six heart catheterizations, took three ambulance rides, have had four arteries by passed and have received seven stents.

What the Lord has Taught Me Through My Daughter

Three and a half decades ago, I was a 19 years old soldier serving in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. On the evening of October 15th of that year, my stomach was doing somersaults and I was splashing water on my face as my daughter Leah was making her entrance into the world.

That beautiful baby girl was just beginning to be a source of learning for this man. Over the years, we have laughed and we have cried. One thing is certain – the Lord has placed her into my life to teach me much.

My Experiences with VA Healthcare

West Pam Beach VA Hospital

West Pam Beach VA Hospital

On this Memorial Day, I begin by expressing my sincerest gratitudes for those members of our armed forces who have paid for our liberties with their lives. From the beginning days of our nation’s history until today, we have asked men and women to lay down their lives. They deserve our highest honor.

Several days a week I am at the VA Medical Center in my area. I often see veterans who are without limbs and with other injuries with which they have lived. They also deserve honor.

Teaching at FirstBoynton

IMG_2755_2This is me on April 9th doing what I love doing – teaching God’s people. Thanks to the folks at FirstBoynton who actually show up to learn together. This particular session centered on the theology problems in the church which led to the Protestant Reformation.

P.S. Before I get any comments on the shirt, remember that it is South Florida.