Plague Hymn by Ulrich Zwingli (Part 3)

When the Reformation was in full swing in Zurich in the early 1500’s, the plague struck. The Zurich pastor, Ulrich Zwingli, ministered to his ailing people. While doing so he contracted the disease and was near death. However God granted him health by healing him of this deadly disease.

When the disease first struck the city, Zwingli wrote the first four stanzas of what is called The Plague Hymn. When he became sick, he added four more stanzas. Finally he added the final four stanzas after he was healed.

Notice that even in his gratitude, Zwingli is well aware that death will yet come. His focus is on living rightly before God until that day should come and in the anticipated joy of meeting the Lord.

Here are those final four stanzas.

Stanzas 9-12

My God! My Lord!

Healed by thy hand,

Upon the earth

Once more I stand.

Let sin no more

Rule over me;

My mouth shall sing

Alone to thee.

Though now delayed,

My hour will come,

Involved, perchance,

In deeper gloom.

But, let it come;

With joy I’ll rise,

And bear my yoke

Straight to the skies.