Praying for Rick Warren

Rick Warren

Rick Warren

I was sitting in a sparsely occupied dining hall at a retreat center in Glorietta, New Mexico.  I believe it was sometime in the early 1990’s.  It could have been the 80’s, but I’m not sure.

Soon I was joined by another man.  For the next thirty to forty five minutes, we chatted and spoke about those things which mattered most to us.  We spoke about Jesus, about family and about the church.  We spoke about reaching people for Christ.

What I remember from that conversation was this man’s genuine love for the subjects we discussed.  I remember the probing questions he asked as it seemed he hoped I would provide some insightful nugget that he had not considered.

This conversation was with Rick Warren.

Yesterday, I read the news of the death of his 27 year old son.  The pangs of grief gripped deep within me.  I hurt for my brother in Christ.

I have four adult children.  I know no greater joy than when they are walking with the Lord and enjoying life.  I know no greater sorrow than when they struggle or hurt.

So I pray for this man who has been used by God in some incredible ways.  I pray for this man who took the time to chat with me when he knew nothing about me.  How he must be hurting.

Most of us spend time praying for our pastor.  As you do, keep in mind these wise words from Buck Parsons,