Prompted by the Holy Spirit to Pray

Do you keep a list of people for whom you are praying?  I have kept these lists, but usually they are not put to great use.  I do have a “mental” list of people for whom I pray – my wife, my family members, my pastor, etc.  Yet some of the best intercession that I do comes when the Holy Spirit prompts me to pray for somebody.

Recently, I was chatting with a good friend, Marina Bruner.  She commented that I was on the top of her list of Facebook friends that morning, and that placement led her to pray for me.  I wrote an earlier article about using Facebook for this kind of praying – How I Use the New Facebook Layout in my Prayer Life.  I mentioned to Marina that she had come across my mind the previous day and that I had prayed for her.  We came to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit prompts us to pray for certain people at key times in their lives.

Some of the most intense interceding that I have done has happened in the middle of the night.  I have been awakened from a sound sleep with somebody on my mind.  Instead of counting sheep, I have asked God to be very near to that person, to work mightily in whatever circumstance of life they find themselves.

This method of intercession also keeps us praying throughout the day.  Think about the possibilities that abound.  Remember that as a Christian, we are indwelled by the Spirit of God.  Keeping in tune to the Spirit’s promptings will keep us strong and help us to impact our world through prayer.

*  Are you tuned in to the Spirit when you catch up on Facebook and Twitter?  Some people will specifically ask for prayer.  I count it a privilege to go to the Father on their behalf.  Others do not ask, but the Spirit prompts you to pray for them.  I have a few atheist friends on my Facebook.  Almost every time that I see a post from them, I ask God to show himself mightily to them.

*  Are you tuned into the Spirit when you read/watch the news?  Years ago a seminary professor told our class that he prayerfully read the newspaper each morning.  If he read a news story about something urgent happening somewhere, he would pray for the people of that place.  With politics so often in the news, we might very well become mighty intercessors for our nation’s leaders this way.

*  Are you tuned into the Spirit when you are working?  This will lead you to pray for your co-workers, your customers and even your boss.  As a person who works on-line, I often am prompted to pray for certain nations.  For example, yesterday we had our first sale to anybody in the nation of Argentina.  As a result I am praying for the spread of the gospel in that nation.

*  Are you tuned into the Spirit when you are at home?  Would this not revolutionize most of our homes if we prayed for our family members during our times together.  A side benefit is that it will be difficult to be harsh or critical of a family member if we have just prayed for them.

*  Are you tuned into the Spirit during general times?  This allows us to pray for people when they simply pop into our minds.  Could this popping actually be the Spirit of God prompting us to pray for this person?

What are some other times or places that you find the Spirit prompting you to pray for somebody?  Please share below.  More importantly, be sensitive today for whom the Spirit might prompt you to pray.

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  1. Frank, I love this blog…it mirrors so many of my own thoughts, some of which we have discussed. You are a great friend and there is no doubt in my mind that God is right here in the middle of our friendship! I am, once again, so thankful that we have crossed paths!

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