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On Sunday, May 30th, Suzie and I became members of Red Bank Baptist Church (RBBC) in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We have been attending for a few weeks as we prayed about a new church home in our new city.  RBBC is located on the northeastern side of the city in the Red Bank area.  Adam Dooley is the pastor, and I am very excited about sitting under his preaching and leadership.

RBBC is a traditional Southern Baptist church.  The members have been extremely warm and friendly.  My heart has been warmed by the love demonstrated by the members, by singing great hymns and songs and by hearing passionate, biblical preaching.

It has been interesting to see how many of the people have connections with Louisville, Kentucky.  We are not the only ones who have moved from The Ville to Nooga.  On our first visit, we discovered that Jonathan Propes (Minister of Education and Family Ministries) and I had a connection from 13 years prior.  I had preached one Sunday in 1997 at Ninth & O Baptist Church in Louisville.  Jonathan was on staff at that time at that church.

Adam Dooley

What can I say about the pastor, Adam Dooley?  It is not always easy to find a pastor who preaches expository sermons with great passion.  Suzie and I have been blessed to now add Adam to Jimmy Scroggins (First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach) and Daniel Montgomery (Sojourn Community Church, Louisville) as the 3 pastors we have had during our marriage.  Adam was away this Sunday preaching at First Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.  He is a gifted young preacher.  I pray that he will continue to focus on feeding his sheep like he now does.  I pray that he will be pure, holy and godly in his personal life.

I have to comment on the first time I met Adam.  After a Wednesday service, I approached him and he said, “Hi, Frank.”  I asked him how he knew my name.  He told me that it was from reading my blog.  I was impressed.  Not by his excellent choice in reading material, but that he could remember my name and face from doing so.

We do have some mutual friends from our days at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  We did not attend at the same time (I don’t think), but a couple of men I respect did recommend that I check out RBBC because they knew him.  He received both his Masters and PhD from Southern.

Pray with us as we find our places of ministry and mission amongst the people of RBBC.  I have not been this hopeful of what God might do with us and through us in a long, long time.

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