A Remarkable Revival of Religion

Jesse Lee Historical Marker in Connecticut

Jesse Lee Historical Marker in Connecticut

In 1787 a great work of the Lord occurred in Virginia. Following is an edited version of the eye witness account of the Methodist preacher Jesse Lee.

(In Petersburgh) There was a remarkable revival of religion, and many of the inhabitants were savingly converted; and the old Christians greatly revived. That town never witnessed before or since such wonderful displays of the presence and love of God in the salvation of immortal souls. Prayer meetings were frequently held both in the town and in the country, and souls were frequently converted at those meetings, even when there was no preacher present; for the prayers and exhortations of the members were greatly owned of the Lord.

(In Sussex, Brunswick and Amelia circuits) The meetings would frequently continue five or six hours together, and sometimes all night.

It was common to hear of souls being brought to God while at work in their houses or in their fields. It was often the case that the people in their corn-fields, white people, or black, and sometimes both together, would begin to sing, and being affected would begin to pray, and others would join with them, and they would continue their cries till some of them would find peace to their souls.

Source: Iain H. Murray, Revival & Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism 1750-1858. pp. 79-80.

Emphasis added.

Historical Lessons

  1. Prayer and prayer meetings served as a means by which God extended his grace in converting sinners and reviving saints.
  2. God used the exhortations of the members to stir revival. It is not sufficient to tell the good news. We must beseech sinners to turn to Christ.
  3. Revival was poured out on meeting houses, in homes, at work and in fields. Seek the Lord wherever you are located.
  4. The Lord delights in singing that leads to prayer. Do the songs you sing at church stir your desire for prayer. If not, is it due to your heart or the music at your church?
  5. Singing is not restricted to the worship service at the church. Revival will place a song in your soul at home and work.
  6. The outpouring of God’s Spirit knows no racial restrictions. How marvelous did this appear between whites and black, especially at this juncture in American history.