Renoir – Dance at Bougival

Last weekend, Suzie and I went to an auction where her uncle works (K and M Auction Liquidators). Suzie’s family has a long heritage in auctions, etc. During this auction (while Suzie was meeting her newest cousin), I bid and won a nicely framed print of a Renoir painting. I love it and it is now hanging in our living room.

Here is info on the painting and a blurb about Renoir:

Dance at Bougival
Oil on Canvas
181.8 x 98.1cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Pierre Auguste Renoir’s (1841 – 1919) art celebrates life’s temporal pleasures, the ‘here and now’ of his time, more than any other Impressionist artist. Preferring to paint his friends and lovers, his masterful depictions of their candid facial features and body stances convey the youthful spirit and intimate charm that ignited the feeling of an Eden of earthly pleasures. His portrayal of luminous color, skillfully varied brushstrokes, nuances of light and shadow all worked together to form a warm sensuality that made him a leader of the Impressionist movement.