Resonate News Includes My Story of Church Discipline

The following link will take you to an article which tells part of my story.  The writer, Raymond Billy, and I spent close to an hour on the phone discussing my experience of being on the receiving end of church discipline.

Resonate News: an unobstructed view of the world – Some Christians Value Reprimand From Church Leaders.

I appreciate the purpose of this article to show some of us who really do value what God has done in our lives through the process of church discipline.  Most Christian articles about church discipline concern the process or the church doing the disciplining.  This article will give you the view from the receiving end.

Most other articles about church discipline draw attention to what are either abuses or perceived abuses.  My experience is that being disciplined was far from pleasant, but it was beneficial for my soul.

After you read the article, feel free to come back here and ask any questions or provide any feedback.  I have tried to be open about my past as a means of warning others from taking the same path.  Or if you have taken that path, I hope you will discover the hope that exists in Jesus.

One note – normally church discipline would not have required a reading of charges in a service when confession had already been made.  It was necessary in my case because I was serving in a pastoral role.

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