Will You Watch the Return of Jesus on TV?

If the Messiah descends from the Mount of Olives as foretold in the Bible, America’s two biggest Christian broadcasters are well-positioned to cover it live thanks to recent acquisitions of adjacent Jerusalem studios on a hill overlooking the Old City.

via Daystar, TBN ready for Messiah in Jerusalem – latimes.com.

mount olives

The Mount of Olives

The Bible tells us to watch for the coming of the Lord. I’m not sure it means to watch by being glued to the television set. But should you so choose, TBN and Daystar Television Network will be covering it.

According to the LA Times the two networks now have side-by-side buildings in Jerusalem facing the Mount of Olives. A live webcam already exists so that you can watch around the clock.

It is worth noting that the two networks are squabbling with each other before the authorities. That’s just great.

I wonder if the networks plan on having anchormen give us a play by play of the Lord’s return?


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