Richard Land & Mormonism

This week’s Time magazine has a top story about Richard Land trying to redefine Mormonism as “the fourth Abrahamic religion” following Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is in contrast to defining Mormonism as a cult. However, Land’s quote defining a cult seems to fit Mormonism. He said in an interview quote that a cult “is a form of faith which does not comply with the essential teachings of the Christian faith but claims to be within the Christian faith or to be the true expression of the Christian faith, as opposed to being another religion like Judaism.”

Using that definition, one would be left with the idea that Mormonism is a cult. It appears that Land is attempting to make palatable the support for Mitt Romney. It is disappointing to this writer that he would not make the case for supporting Mike Huckabee. I wouldn’t mind so much if he wants to explain why he supports Romney. I do mind trying to redefine Mormonism in order to justify that support.

When I was a pastor, I invited Richard Land to preach for me in the church I was serving. I entrusted my people to his teaching. This time I his teaching doesn’t seem to be so trustworthy.

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