The Right Side of History

rightsidehistoryPerhaps you have heard that agreeing with the LGBT crowd on the issues of homosexuality will put one “on the right side of history.” I think that line should be modified to being “on the right side of 2013-2014.”

To be on the right side of history is to take into account not only our modern culture, but the realm of man’s story. That is history. So what is the right side of history?

It seems to be without question that the historical view of sexuality and marriage has been heterosexual. Even things like adultery and premarital sex have been viewed as a violation of the historical norm. There may be historical accounts of homosexuality and perhaps even prevalent homosexuality. But the norm from culture to culture and from age to age has been heterosexual.

Even if advocates intend that the present is a threshold in which the future will eventually be history, we cannot presume what the future will hold when it comes to sexual norms. As we have already seen, there have been pockets of homosexuality influence in history past, but the influence of this view has always been reversed.

So being on the right side of history on this issue would put one squarely against the LGBT position. On a personal note, I do not want coercive measures against those in the LGBT community. Likewise I don’t want coercive measures against those who hold to the historical view. But let’s be honest about which side is the right side of history.

As important as is the right side of history, for Christians the right side of the Bible is even more important. Christians have to ask whether their views are shaped by those they know and love or by the revealed text of the Scriptures. Ultimately our accountability will not be to the views of history, but it will be to the God who has revealed himself in the pages of the Bible.