Selling Avon as Preparation for Missionary Service


I was saddened a few weeks ago when I read of the death of Cheryll Harvey. Cheryll was a Southern Baptist missionary teaching and serving the people of Jordan. By all reports she loved Christ and the Jordanian people deeply. Sadly she was murdered during a robbery.


Cheryll Harvey teaching in Jordan

I am intrigued by several aspects of her determination to get to the mission field. Consider the following.

1. She was rejected for missionary service because her educational degrees were considered a mismatch for service. So she returned to school to earn a second masters degree.

2. She was again rejected because her personality was deemed too passive for missionary service. So she became an Avon representative and learned to be more outgoing in the process.

3. She was finally accepted and was planning on serving in Africa. At the commissioning service, her name badge indicated that instead of Africa she was slotted for Jordan. She simply figured this was where she was supposed to be.

24 of her 55 years were given to serving Christ amongst the Jordanians. Pray that God will stir the Jordanian people through her memory. May God raise up more like her.

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