Settle Down Tebow Fans

As soon as the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Denver Broncos in the AFC playoffs on Saturday, social media blew up with Tim Tebow conversations. This meme was plastered all over the place.


Even Tebow’s brother, a Christian minister in Denver, got involved with this tweet,

I like Tebow. I really do. I think he should have been starting in New York this past season. But from a purely football perspective, I’m not sure anybody who is not personally connected to Tebow would have passed on the opportunity to have Peyton Manning supplant Tebow as the Bronco’s quarterback.

Many pointed out that Tebow has one more playoff win for the Broncos than does Peyton Manning. That is true, but it ignores the fact that the game won by Tebow was in the wildcard round. Manning’s Broncos earned a bye past that round. So they both lost in the same round. Tebow’s team lost 45-10 last year while Manning lost in double overtime.

I can live with football fans that differ with me on what I have written above. What really concerns me are the comments I read from Christians that declared that Tim Tebow was being persecuted for being a Christian.

Whoa, now!!! I’m not sure how much money Tebow makes in the NFL, but ESPN reported that before last season he was paid a $6.2 million salary advance. Add to that the endorsement money that he makes. I’m pretty sure that making multi-millions to practice a game and stand on the sidelines during games is not what Jesus meant when he said that Christians would suffer persecution.

So, Christians, let’s keep a little perspective. If you want to stand up for those who are persecuted for the faith, pray and stand with our brothers and sisters who are giving their lives for Christ in various places around the globe.