10 Signs You May Not Be Reading Your Bible Enough


1.  You left your Bible in the pew at church last Sunday and didn’t know it until you were leaving for church this Sunday.

2.  Amazon would resell your Bible in “Like New” condition.

3.  When you pick your Bible off of the table, you realize you need to dust that table.

4.  You look for Genesis at the front of your Bible and realize you only have a New Testament.

5.  It’s still packed in a box from your move a few months ago.

6.  It still has that “New Bible” smell.

7.  You have to find “Holy Bible” on the spine to distinguish it from your other books.

8.  It’s harder to find than your TV remote.

9.  You’ve read more verses on Tim Tebow’s eye black and shoes than you have from your own Bible.

10.  The FBI dusts your Bible for fingerprints, and identifies the clerk at the book store.


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