12 Moments That Put a Smile on My Face

  1. The moment I hear “Hi PaPa” on the phone or video chat.
  2. The moment my senses are ambushed by the many facets of God’s creation at the beach.
  3. The moment I hear or see a long distance “Boomer Sooner” from my kids during an Oklahoma football game.
  4. The moment I gather with my First Boynton brothers and sisters in spiritual and truthful worship.
  5. The moment I see the gleam of love in my wife’s pretty blue eyes.
  6. The moment when reading God’s word penetrates deep within my soul.
  7. The moment my phone notifies me of another sale for our online business.
  8. The moment I open a note from a friend from the past.
  9. The moment Figaro (my cat) snuggles into me for a nap.
  10. The moment Suzie and I find a treasure at a thrift store.
  11. The moment I taste a savory new dish.
  12. The moment I open a new long anticipated book.