South Florida – Here We Come Again!!!

I have been waiting on ESPN to set up our broadcast interview to announce that Suzie and I will be moving back to South Florida.  Alas, they must be allowed only one “decision” of the sort to be made this year, and LeBron James beat us to it.  So, you are finding out here.

We have enjoyed our more than a year long stint in Louisville and Chattanooga, but it’s time to go back.  Louisville is the city in which Suzie and I met.  It is home to 3 of my kids and 3 grandchildren.  It wasn’t easy leaving Louisville.  Chattanooga is a beautiful city, but it is missing what we love about South Florida.

What is that you say?

  • The beaches
    • The sand
    • The waves
    • The snorkeling
    • The sunrises
    • The smell of suntan lotion
    • The fish and sea life
  • The palm trees
  • The year round sunshine – going to the beach in January is a real treat.
  • Suzie’s son, Mikey, lives there.
  • Mickey Mouse
  • The multi-cultural landscape
  • The waterside, outdoor restaurants with fresh mahi-mahi, grouper and key lime pie.
  • Dolphins, stingrays, sharks – oh, my.
  • Boats and more boats
  • Riding the scooter along the coast
  • First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach
  • Wonderful friends
  • Did I mention the beach?

We are not exactly sure where we will be or what we will be doing, but we are going.  Keep us in your prayers, and start making plans to come see us.  We will be moving in about 2 weeks.

Specific Prayer Requests:

  • The right place to live
  • The right job to work
  • The move itelf