Neither Sparrows Nor Bicycle Riders

Tom Schreiner received news that his wife Diane was involved in a severe bicycle accident, leaving her unconscious with several broken bones and fractures and — of most urgent concern — bruising to her brain. 

On that August day, the Schreiner family knew few details about the accident, and they knew even less about its effect on Diane’s future. 

In the days that followed, Schreiner, a New Testament professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., kept an online CaringBridge journal to update friends and family about his wife’s condition. The journal became a window into the spiritual and emotional state of Schreiner and his family. 

Baptist Press – Schreiners display strong faith amid tragedy – News with a Christian Perspective.


Diane attending chapel at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary just two months after her accident.

If you want to read about faith that is real, even when life is tough, be sure to click on the link and read about the Schreiners. Tom was my pastor during the darkest days of my life. In fact, he succeeded me when I stepped away from the ministry. In those dark days, I saw up close a man and his family who deeply loved the Lord. I have been able to see it better as the years have passed by. Regrettably, I didn’t always make life easy for Tom. But deeply grateful am I for him.

Knowing what I know, it has not been a surprise to see Tom, Diane and their family hold fast to the Lord in the midst of very difficult circumstances. Still they have radiated Christ. I regularly read Tom’s updates and was often left in prayerful tears.

Lord, increase my faith that I will trust you like my brother and sister in Christ have done.

If sparrows don’t fall to the ground apart from the Father, neither do bicycle riders. Not even the tiniest thing can happen to us apart from the Father’s will. He didn’t cease being her Father when she fell…. Why did it happen? The scriptures are clear: to bring glory to God…. He planned it for our good, so that we would become more like Christ and trust our Father even more.

— Tom Schreiner