Spiritual Fires Burning in Hamburg, Germany

HamburgIn my prayers, I try to remember the country that my Gantz ancestors called home before America. My first pastoral role was in a church in Germany.

Will you join with me in praying that these fires in Hamburg would consume the city? Here is a report from the International Mission Board,

Fires are being lit all over Hamburg!  These are not the traditional Easter fires lit to keep evil spirits away, but spiritual fires of Life, bringing hope and renewal.  Over the years, groups of Great Commission Christian partners have been planted in every district of the city.  There are Christian partners being awakened with a burden to do more around them, but these are just the feeble flames of beginning fires.

Intercede with TEAM HAMBURG GERMANIC CLUSTER that these fires will not be snuffed out by fear and doubt.

Pray the team will be in step with God as He moves in the city and be quick to follow, where He leads without being over-controlling of what He is doing.

Pray that God’s Kingdom will come and His will be done all over the city and beyond its borders.

May a spiritual awakening take place in such a way that no one person or team receives the praise, but ALL praise will go to the ONE who deserves it!

via Spiritual Fires Burning in Hamburg, Germany | IMB Europe.