Taking the High Road When Business Gets Personal

Follow this link for a great article by John Maxwell. In these troubled economic times, more and more will experience difficulty in the business world. Since business is personal, our natural tendencies may be to battle in an unworthy manner. Maxwell offers 4 tips for taking the high road in these difficult times:

  1. It is not what happens to you, but in you that matters.
  2. High roaders see their own need for grace, therefore they extend it to others.
  3. High roaders are not victims; they choose to serve others.
  4. High roaders set higher standards for themselves than others would.

Maxwell offers this comment in his summary:

In leadership, as in life, others will behave unkindly toward you. When ill-treated, don’t retreat into a defensive mode or strike back in anger. Instead, take the high road and discover how rising above offenses frees you from petty arguments and adds to your reputation.